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Lawn Parking Ordinance

The City Council enacted the Lawn Parking Ordinance in response to complaints from citizens that motor vehicles parking on lawns created visual blight in the neighbor-hood, lowered property values, and, in some cases, created a safety concern.

The Ordinance prohibits parking any motor vehicle (including automobiles, trucks, boats, campers, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles) on any portion of a front yard or corner lot side yard except on an area that is paved. A “paved surface” can be cement, brick, asphalt, pavers, etc. It should be installed so it does not drain onto neighboring property; It is not a paved surface if only the areas under the tires are paved.

Cars may be parked: in the garage; on the driveway or any other paved surface, except the public sidewalk; in side yards that are not adjacent to a street if no required exits from the house are blocked; in the rear yard if 60% of the yard area remains open space; and on the street as long as they are moved every 72 hours.

Generally, property owners are responsible for any code violation on their property. The property owner also is the only one who can authorize paving for any additional parking.

Other City ordinances prohibit the storing of inoperable vehicles in driveways and front yards. To report violations contact 408.277.4528

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