PG&E Maintenance Outage; 7/20/2018

PG&E has been conducting extensive work in and around the Burbank Buena Vista Neighborhoods and has notified residents near Scott and S Willard Ave that there will be a planned power outage on 7/20 between 9am and 4pm while they make repairs and improvements. These can be anything from clearing trees from power lines, to replacing transformers, to fixing worn wires.

While it is possible for the utilities to be down for the entire duration of the outage, generally they are down for only a brief portion of the window. While affected residents should see a notice on their door, if you are around the area and have concerns relating to special medical equipment for yourself and/or loved ones, please contact PG&E to ensure you will not be affected or begin making alternative plans for the outage.

Additionally, a no parking zone has been created on the south end of S Willard. If you have a car there, plan on moving it so it does not get towed.

For information on Preparing for a Planned Outage, CLICK HERE

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