Rash Of I-280 Graffiti Angers South Bay Drivers

Q I am at my wit’s end with Caltrans over the graffiti problem on Interstate 280 between Highway 87 and Lawrence Expressway. I have emailed the Adopt-a-Highway program and put in several maintenance requests through the Caltrans website over the past two months.

Tags are on every vertical surface — the support columns, the underside of the overpasses, the brick walls, the on-ramps, everywhere. The tags are stacking up and multiplying daily. Some of them are 8 feet tall! Did the graffiti crews get disbanded? Are they short-staffed? Did they run out of paint? They used to come through here at least once a month, but I have not seen them for going on three months.

This is worse than I have ever seen it.

Loui Tucker San Jose A Others are upset as well.

For more information check out:


For more on the monthly Adopt-A-Highway pickup or to join them, checkout:


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