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San Jose asks for quick ruling in Willow Glen Trestle case

San Jose’s attorneys last week urged the court to quickly decide whether the Willow Glen Trestle should be torn down.

Too long a delay means a prefabricated bridge built to replace the trestle will have to sit in storage another year even if Santa Clara County Superior Court rules in the city’s favor, they said. And that could throw the long-planned connection between Los Gatos Creek Trail and Three Creeks Trail in limbo.

City officials have been anxiously awaiting a ruling since the court held a hearing in February on whether there is substantial evidence to deem the old wooden railroad bridge a historic landmark, which would save it from being demolished.

A legal battle has been waging since 2014 between San Jose and a group of residents who call themselves Friends of the Willow Glen Trestle over the historic status of the controversial structure. The Friends group challenged the San Jose City Council’s vote to replace the trestle with a new $1 million steel bridge.

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