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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms Save Lives

State law requires verification of proper installation of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms whenever a building permit is obtained for any alteration on a residential property. The Affidavit of Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation form enables a property owner or licensed contractor to self-certify that requirements for these alarms have been met when the building permit is for a project that does not require a building inspector to enter the dwelling to conduct a final inspection. Examples of such projects are reroof projects, solar installations, water heater replacements in a garage, and other similar minor improvements that do not require an interior inspection by a City inspector. Smoke, carbon monoxide or dual-purpose alarms (carbon monoxide and smoke alarms) must be models that are approved and listed by the State Fire Marshal. Download the Affidavit of Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation form. See the list of approved alarms on Office of the State Fire Marshal website. Alarm Placement Requirements Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are required to be installed and functioning in the following locations: For Smoke Alarms

  • In each sleeping room.

  • Outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity the bedrooms.

  • On each additional story of the dwelling, including basements and habitable attics but not including crawl spaces and uninhabitable attics. In dwellings or dwelling units with split levels and without an intervening door between the adjacent levels, a smoke alarm installed on the upper level shall suffice for the adjacent lower level provided that the lower level is less than one full story below the upper level.

For Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Outside of each separate dwelling unit sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedroom/s.

  • On every level of a dwelling unit, including basements.

Regardless of if you rent or own, you can sign up for FREE SMOKE ALARM INSTALLATIONS through the American Red Cross website at:


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